Renewable Energy vs. Nuclear Power Plants

June 22, 2011 7:20 AM

Having been on a special program on Nippon Television last night, I noticed that the nuclear power advocates kept the discussion of renewable energy solely on its current capacity.

Clearly, it is impossible to generate enough electricity with renewable energy to cover the national demand - however, that does not necessarily lead to the conclusion that continued use of nuclear power is unavoidable.

Shouldn't our top priority in these next 40 years be to fade out nuclear energy and invest in the renewable energy industry to promote technological innovation?

We must destroy the regional monopolies of domestic electric power companies, separate electricity production from its distribution, and abolish the full-cost pricing system. The preservation of the current electricity provision system and the development of renewable energy are incompatible.

Nuclear advocates avoid discussing the difficulties of fast breeder reactor usage and nuclear waste disposal. Confronted with the dysfunction of our nuclear fuel cycle, however, we cannot deny the defects of our previous nuclear policies.

With a limited supply of petroleum and uranium, prices will skyrocket as developing countries face economic booms. There is also the fear of a nuclear proliferation. To guarantee future security, governments must turn to renewable energy as the future's predominant energy source.