Where Were You After the Earthquake?

March 13, 2011 11:42 AM

Restoration continues in the disaster area.

Although the earthquake's impact in Tokyo was incomparable to that in the disaster area, it yet created great difficulties for those trying to return home that day.

For those in the city who experienced difficulties returning home, I would appreciate it if you could provide an account of your experience.

Because I'm sure these numbers are great, I would appreciate it if those who headed from the city to the west of Kawasaki using the Tokaido line and those who headed west and south of Sagami-Ono using the Odakyu line could start by informing me of their experience.

Please use the address http://www.taro.org/contact/ to send your information.

To making information sorting easier, please insert the following headline: "Difficulty Returning Home: Tokaido line" or "Difficulty Returning Home: Odakyu line" and continue to by describing how you returned home that day.

For example:
● The place at the time the earthquake struck.
● The reason why you were there (i.e. work, school, touring, etc.).
● The route home (i.e. Ginza line to Shinbashi and transfer to the Tokaido line to Hiratsuka).
● Whether you stayed at your work office or school.
● Whether there was emergency food, water, blankets prepared at the place you stayed.
● The reason why you stayed/did not stay at your location.
● The distance you moved and by what means.
● The condition while you were moving (whether there was traffic, number of people walking, etc.).
● Whether you possessed or obtained water, food, etc.
● Whether you felt the necessity for water and food.
● Where you finally spent the night.
● Whether there was water, food, insulators (blankets, etc.), bathrooms where you were.
● The temperature where you where. How you dealt with the cold.
● When and how you returned home.
● How you handled going to the bathroom until you arrived home.
● When and how you reached your family.
● How well your cellular phone, email, twitter etc., functioned.
● Whether/when you used the public telephone.
● Whether you felt the necessity for medical supplies (antibiotics, insulin, dialysis, etc.) and how you dealt with this necessity.
● Other thoughts/realizations.

Thank you.