The Long Fuse

March 11, 2011 7:23 AM

t seems someone has lit to the tip of a very long fuse.

There's many things we don't see that are happening every day. I have been a member in the Diet at for five terms, roughly 16 years, and yet I was completely unaware until someone informed me. However once it caught my attention, I couldn't deny it.

Unlike local elections, there are specific preparations necessary for national elections. Of course, there is someone making these preparations - someone deep inside the machine churning a tiny gear that clicks. The person who informed me saw a similar thing happening under Aso's administration - a small gear silently moving - which is why he understood it was happening again this time.

Where these preparations instructed by the Prime Minister or were they directly conducted by the person responsible. Or were they the doing of that person...?

I wonder if this fuse blow up on the spot or burn quietly like one of Niimi Nankichi's candles?