Thank you Self-Defense Forces

March 23, 2011 11:30 PM

This is the list of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces (JGSDF) working in the disaster areas. (March 23)

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF)

Northeastern Army
6th Division 20th Infantry Regiment (Jinmachi), 22nd Infantry Regiment (Tagajo), 44th Infantry Regiment (Fukushima), 6th Field Artillery Regiment (Koriyama), 6 Logistic Support Regiment (Jinmachi), 6th Tank Battalion (Yamato), 6th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion (Koriyama), 6th Engineer Battalion (Jinmachi), 6th (Jinmachi), 6th Reconnaissance Unit (Yamato), 6th Aviation (Jinmachi), 6th Nuclear Biological Chemical Weapon Defense Unit (Jinmachi), 6th Division Headquarters Unit (Jinmachi)

9th Division 8th Infantry Regiment (Aomori), 21st Infantry Regiment (Akita), 39th Infantry Regiment (Hirosaki), 9th Field Artillery Regiment (Iwate), 9th Logistic Support Regiment (Aomori), 9th Tank Battalion (Iwate), 9th Antiaircraft Artillery (Iwate), 9th Engineer Battalion (Hachinohe), 9th Signal Battalion (Aomori), 9th Anti Tank Unit (Hachinohe), 9th Reconnaissance Unit (Hirosaki), 9th Aviation (Hachinohe), 9th Chemical Weapon Defense Unit (Aomori), 9th Division Headquarters Unit (Aomori)

4th Surface-to-Ship Missile Regiment (Hachinohe), 2nd Engineer Brigade (Funaoka), Northeastern Army Artillery Unit (Sendai), 5th Antiaircraft Artillery Group (Hachinohe)

Northeastern Army Signal Group (Sendai), Northeastern Army Aviation Group (Kasuminome), Northeastern Army Logistics Support Unit (Sendai), Northeastern Army Medical Service (Sendai), Northeastern Army Headquarters Unit (Sendai)

Northern Army
2nd Division 3rd Infantry Regiment (Nayoro), 25th Infantry Regiment (Engaru), 26th Infantry Regiment (Rumoi), 2nd Field Artillery Regiment (Asahikawa), 2nd Logistic Support Regiment (Asahikawa), 2th Engineer Battalion (Asahikawa), 2nd Signal Battalion (Asahikawa), 2nd Reconnaissance Unit (Asahikawa), 2nd Aviation (Asahikawa), 2nd Chemical Weapon Defense Unit (Asahikawa), 2nd Division Headquarters Unit (Asahikawa)

5th Brigade 4th Infantry Regiment (Obihiro), 6th Infantry Regiment (Bihori), 5th Tank Unit (Shikaoi), 5th Field Artillery Unit (Obihiro), 5th Logistic Support Regiment (Obihiro), 5th Reconnaissance Unit(Obihiro), 5th Aviation(Shikaoi), 5th Antiaircraft Artillery Company (Obihiro), 5th Engineer Company (Obihiro), 5th Signal Company (Obihiro), 5th Band (Obihiro), 5th Brigade Headquarters Unit (Obihiro)

7th Division Headquarters 11th Infantry Regiment (Higashi Chitose), 72nd Tank Regiment (Obihiro), 7th Logistic Support Regiment (Higashi Chitose), 7th Engineer Battalion (Higashi Chitose), 7th Signal Battalion (Higashi Chitose), 7th Aviation (Okadama), 7th Division Headquarters Unit (Higashi Chitose)

11th Brigade 18th Infantry Regiment (Makomanai), 28th Infantry Regiment (Hakodate), 11th Tank Unit (Makomanai), 11th Logistics Support Unit (Makomanai), 11th Brigade Headquarters Unit (Makomanai)

1st Field Artillery Brigade (Kita Chitose)

Northern Army Engineer Unit (Minami Eniwa), Northern Army Aviation Group (Okadama), Northern Army Logistics Support Unit (Shimamatsu), Northern Army Signal Group (Sapporo), Northern Army Finance Unit (Sapporo), Northern-Depot (Shimamatsu)

Eastern Army
1st Division 1st Infantry Regiment (Nerima), 31st Infantry Regiment (Takemiya), 34th Infantry Regiment (Itazuma), 1st Field Artillery Unit (Kitafuji), 1st Logistic Support Regiment (Nerima), 1st Tank Battalion (Komakado), 1st Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion (Komakado), 1st Engineer Battalion (Asaka), 1st Signal Battalion (Nerima), 1st Chemical Weapon Defense Unit (Nerima), 1st Division Headquarters Unit (Nerima)

12th Brigade 2nd Infantry Regiment (Takada), 13th Infantry Regiment (Matsumoto), 30th Infantry Regiment (Shibata), 12th Field Artillery Unit (Utsunomiya), 12th Logistics Support Unit (Shinmachi), 12th Helicopter Unit (Soumahara), 12th Reconnaisance Unit (Soumahara), 12th Tank Company (Shinmachi), 12th Antiaircraft Artillery Company (Soumahara), 12th Engineer Company (Shinmachi), 12th Signal Company (Soumahara),12th Chemical Weapon Defense Unit (Soumahara), 12th Brigade Headquarters Unit (Soumahara)

1st Engineer Brigade(Furukawa)

Eastern Army Logistics Support Unit (Asaka), Eastern Army Aviation Group (Tachikawa), 2nd Antiaircraft Artillery Group (Matsudo), Eastern Army Signal Group (Asaka), Eastern Army Finance Unit (Asaka), 1st Training Brigade (Asaka), Soumahara General Service (Soumahara), Kasumigaura General Service (Kasumigaura), Kisarazu General Service (Kisarazu), Utsunomiya General Service (Utsunomiya), Kita Utsunomiya General Service (Kita Utsunomiya)

Middle Army
3rd Division 7th Infantry Regiment (Fukuchiyama), 36th Infantry Regiment (Itami), 37th Infantry Regiment (Shidasen), 3rd Field Artillery Unit (Himeji), 3rd Logistic Support Regiment (Senzo), 3rd Tank Battalion (Imazu), 3rd Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion (Himeji), 3rd Signal Battalion (Senzo), 3rd Aviation (Yao), 3rd Reconnaissance Unit (Senzo)

10th Division 14th Infantry Regiment, 33rd Infantry Regiment (Hisai), 35th Infantry Regiment (Moriyama), 10th Field Artillery Regiment (Toyokawa), 10th Logistic Support Regiment (Kasugai), 10th Tank Battalion (Imazu), 10th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion (Toyokawa), 10th Engineer Battalion (Kasugai), 10th Signal Battalion (Moriyama), 49th Infantry Regiment (Toyokawa), 10th Reconnaissance Unit (Kasugai), 10th Chemical Weapon Defense Unit (Moriyama), 10th Division Headquarters Unit (Moriyama)

13th Brigade 8th Infantry Regiment (Yonago), 17th Infantry Regiment (Yamaguchi), 46th Infantry Regiment (Kaita-shi), 13th Field Artillery Unit (Nihonbara), 13th Logistic Support Unit (Kaita-shi), 13th Reconnaissance Unit (Izumo), 13th Aviation (Hofu), 13th Tank Company (Nihonbara), 13th Antiaircraft Artillery Company (Nihonbara), 13th Engineer Company (Kaita-shi), 13th Signal Company (Kaita-shi), 13th Division Headquarters Unit (Kaita-shi)

14th Brigade 15th Infantry Regiment (Zentsuji), 50th Infantry Regiment (Kochi), 14th Field Artillery Unit (Matsuyama), 14th Logistics Support Unit (Zentsuji), 14th Reconnaissance Unit (Zentsuji), 14th Aviation (Kita Tokushima), 14th Tank Company (Nihonbara), 14th Engineer Company (Kochi), 14th Signal Company (Zentsuji), 14th Brigade Headquarters Unit (Zentsuji)

4th Engineer Brigade (Okubo), Middle Army Logistics Support Unit (Katsura), Middle Army Signal Group (Itami), Middle Army Aviation Group (Yao), Middle Army Medical Service (Itami), Middle Army Finance Unit (Itami), Moriyama General Service (Moriyama), Okubo General Service (Okubo), Zentsuji General Service (Zentsuji), Izumo General Service (Izumo), Hanshin Self-Defense Force Hospital (Kawanishi)

Western Army
4th Division 16th Infantry Regiment (Omura), 40th Infantry Regiment (Kokura), 41st Infantry Regiment (Beppu), 4th Field Artillery Regiment (Kurume), 4th Engineer Battalion (Omura), 4th Signal Battalion (Fukuoka), 4th Reconnaissance Unit (Fukuoka), 4th Aviation (Metabaru), 4th Logistic Support Regiment (Fukuoka), 4th Division Headquarters Unit (Fukuoka)

8th Division 12th Infantry Regiment (Kokubu), 42nd Infantry Regiment (Kita Kumamoto), 43rd Infantry Regiment (Miyakonojo), 8th Field Artillery Regiment (Kita Kumamoto), 8th Logistic Support Regiment (Kita Kumamoto), 8th Tank Battalion (Kusu), 8th Engineer Battalion (Sendai), 8th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion (Kita Kumamoto), 8th Signal Battalion (Kita Kumamoto), 8th Reconnaissance Unit (Kita Kumamoto), 8th Chemical Weapon Defense Unit (Kita Kumamoto), 8th Division Headquarters Unit (Kita Kumamoto)

15th Brigade 15th Logistics Support Unit (Naha), 51st Infantry Regiment (Naha), 15th Signal Unit (Naha), 5th Engineer Brigade (Ogoori), Western Army Artillery Unit (Yufuin), 2nd Antiaircraft Artillery Brigade (Iizuka), Western Army Logistics Support Unit (Metabaru), Western Army Signal Group (Kengun), Western Army Aviation Group (Metabaru), Western Medical Service (Kengun), Western Army Finance Unit (Kengun), Fukuoka Self-Defence Force Hospital (Kasuga), Kumamoto Self-Defense Force Hospital (Kumamoto)

Central Readiness Force
1st Airborn Brigade (Shushino), 1st Helicopter Brigade (Kisarazu), Central Readiness Regiment (Utsunomiya), Central Nuclear Biological Chemical Weapon Defense Unit (Omiya), Nuclear Biological Chemical Countermeasure Medical Unit (Asaka), Central Readiness Force Headquarters Unit (Asaka)

International Peace Cooperation Activities Training Unit (Komakado), Signal (corps) Brigade (Ichigaya), Military Police (Ichigaya), Air Defense School (Shimoshizu), Engineer School (Katsuta), Quartermaster School (Matsudo), Chemical School (Omiya), Self-Defence Force Central Hospital (Mishuku), Ordnance School (Tsuchiura)

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF)

Fleet Air Force (Atsugi), Air Training Command (Shimofusa), Headquarters Yokosuka District (Yokosuka), Mine Warfare Force (Yokosuka), Escort Flotilla 1 (Yokosuka), Escort Flotilla 2 (Sasebo), Escort Flotilla 3 (Maizuru), Submarine Flotilla 2 (Yokosuka), Fleet Air Wing 1 (Kanoya), Fleet Air Wing 2 (Hachinohe), Fleet Air Wing 4 (Atsugi), Fleet Air Wing 5 (Naha), Fleet Air Wing 21 (Tateyama), Fleet Air Wing 22 (Omura), Fleet Air Wing 31 (Iwakuni), Air Training Group Shimofusa (Shimofusa), Escort Division 1 (Yokosuka), Escort Division 2 (Sasebo), Escort Division 3 (Maizuru), Escort Division 4 (Ominato), Escort Division 5 (Yokosuka), Escort Division 6 (Sasebo), Escort Division 11 (Yokosuka), Escort Division 12 (Kure), Escort Division 15 (Ominato), Minesweeper Division 1 (Kure), Minesweeper Division 2 (Sasebo), Minesweeper Division 51 (Yokosuka), Minesweeper Division 101 (Kure), Minesweeper Division 41 (Yokosuka), Minesweeper Division 42 (Kure), Minesweeper Division 43 (Sasebo), Minesweeper Division 44 (Maizuru), Minesweeper Division 45 (Ominato), Minesweeper Division 46 (Sasebo), Air Training Squadron 203 (Shimofusa), Air Training Squadron 211 (Kanoya), Submarine Division 2 (Yokosuka), Drone Support Squadron 1 (Kure), Area Guard Group Yokosuka (Yokosuka), Patrol Guided Missile Boat 2 (Maizuru), Yokosuka Medical Service (Yokosuka)

Destroyer "Harusame," "Takanami," "Onami," "Sawayuki," "Yamayuki," "Shirane," "Kurama," "Yugiri," "Amagiri," "Setogiri," "Sawagiri," "Kirishima," "Chokai," "Ashigara," "Hyuga," "Abukuma," "Oyodo," "Chikuma," "Tone."

Minesweeper Ocean "Yaeyama," "Hachijyo"

Minesweeper Tender "Bungo"

Landing Ship Tank/Landing Ship Utility "Kunisaki," "Yura," "Noto"

Training Support Ship "Kurobe," "Tenryu"

Auxiliary Multipurpose Ship "Hiuchi," "Suo," "Amakusa"

Oceanographic Research Ship "Suma," "Wakasa," "Nichinan"

Submarine Rescue Tender "Chiyoda"

Experimental Ship "Asuka"

Fast Combat Support Ship "Tokiwa," "Hamana," "Oumi," "Towada"

Minesweeper Coastal "Hirashima," "Takashima," "Tsukishima," "Maejima," "Kumejima," "Makishima," "Nagashima," "Yugeshima," "Tsuma," "Tsunoshima," "Naoshima," "Toyoshima," "Aishima," "Aoshima," "Miyajima," "Shishijima," "Tobishima"

Minesweeping Controller "Sakushima"

Service Craft "Hashidate"

Experimental Ship "Kurimama"

Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF)

2nd Air Wing (Chitose), 3rd Air Wing (Misawa), Northern Aircraft Control and Warning Wing (Misawa), 6th Air Defense Missle Group (Misawa), Northern Air Civil Engineer Group (Misawa), 4th Air Wing (Matsushima), 6th Air Wing (Komatsu), 7th Air Wing (Hyakuri), Middle Aircraft Control and Warning Wing (Iruma), 1st Air Defense Missile Group (Iruma), 4th Air Defense Missile Group (Gifu), Middle Air Civil Engineering Group (Iruma), Western Air Defense Force Headquarters, Support Flight Squadron (Kasuga), 5th Air Wing (Shindenhara), 8th Air Wing (Tsuiki), Western Aircraft Control and Warning Wing (Kasuga), 2nd Air Defense Missile Group (Kasuga), Western Air Civil Engineering Group (Ashiya), Southwestern Aircraft Control & Warning Wing (Naha), 83rd Air Wing (Naha), Southwestern Air Civic Engineering Group (Naha), 5th Defense Missile Group (Naha), Southwestern Air Civil Engineering Group (Naha)

1st Tactical Airlift Group (Komaki), 2nd Tactical Airlift Group (Iruma), 3rd Tactical Airlift Group (Miho)

Misawa Helicopter Airlift Squadron (Misawa), Iruma Helicopter Airlift Squadron (Iruma)

Chitose Air Rescue Squadron (Chitose), Akita Air Rescue Squadron (Akita), Niigata Air Rescue Squadron (Niigata), Hyakuri Air Rescue Squadron (Hyakuri), Hamamatsu Air Rescue Squadron (Hamamatsu)

Air Defense Command Headquarters Flight Group (Iruma), Tactical Reconnaissance Group (Hyakuri), Airborne Warning and Control Group (Hamamatsu), Airborne Warning and Control Group (Misawa), Air Defense Missile Training Group (Hamamatsu), Air Communications and Systems Wing (Ichigaya), 1st Air Wing (Hamamatsu), 1st Technical School, 2nd Technical School, Northern Air Band (Misawa), 4th Air Depot Northeastern Branch Director (Tohokumachi), Air Defense Operations Group (Fuchu), Weapon Systems Software Management Group (Iruma), Middle Air Band (Hamamatsu), Air Training Aids Group (Hamamatsu), 11th Flying Training Wing (Shizuhama), Air Officer Candidate School (Nara), 4th Technical School (Kumagaya), Electronics Development and Test Group (Iruma), Central Air Base Group (Ichigaya), 1st Air Depot (Kisarazu), 1st Air Depot Tokyo Branch Director (Jyujyou), 2nd Air Depot (Gifu), 3rd Air Depot (Iruma), 4th Air Depot (Iruma)

Western Air Band (Kasuga), 12th Flying Training Wing (Hofukita), Air Basic Training Wing (Hofuminami), 3rd Technical School (Ashiya), Western Air Civil Engineering Group (Ashiya), Southwestern Air Band (Naha), Air Intelligence Wing (Fuchu), Air Traffic Control Service Group (Iruma), Air Weather Service Group (Fuchu), Flight Check Squadron (Iruma), Headquarters, Air Developing and Test Command (Iruma), Aerosafety Service Group (Tachikawa), Air Police Group (Ichigaya), Aero Medical Evacuation Squadron (Komaki), Air Material Command (Jyujyou), Base Air Defense Missile Training Squadron (Chitose), 3rd Defense Missile Group (Chitose), Air Basic Training Wing 2nd Training Group (Kumagaya), JASDF Central Band (Tachikawa), 1st Air Depot Tachikawa Branch (Tachikawa), Air Development and Test Wing (Gifu), 4th Air Depot Kozoji Branch (Kozoji), Tactical Fighter Training Group (Nyutabaru), Fighter Training Group (Nyutabaru), 13th Flying Training Wing (Ashiya), 5th Technical School (Komaki), Aeromedical Laboratory (Iruma), Air Staff College (Meguro), Air Support Command (Fuchu), Air Rescue Wing (Iruma), Air Training Command (Hamamatsu), Gifu Hospital (Gifu)

Total 106,100 members

Thank you very much!