March 20 Follow-up on Gasoline

March 20, 2011 10:27 PM

Here is today's follow-up on the gasoline issue:

Gasoline exportation prior to the Tohoku earthquake has been terminated and 700,000 kl of oil has been secured. Instead, 500,000 kl, the sum of oil shares in March and April, has been imported as emergency supply.

The Hachinohe fuel terminal will ship 300 kl of light oil everyday beginning on March 21st, and the Sendai oil refinery now ships 400 drums of kerosene everyday, starting today.

During the upcoming three-day holiday, oil refineries in Western Japan will transport 56,000 kl of oil to the Kanto region. In addition, 28,000 kl of oil stocked in refineries in the Kanto region will be collapsed as well.

From March 23rd, prescription drugs would be shipped nation-wide based on the number of shelters in each prefecture and will reach disaster areas on the 24th. From there, it becomes the prefectural offices' responsibility to distribute the medicine. Fuel for vehicles used to deliver medical supplies will be allocated by preference according to each prefecture's SS points.

Here is the link to the Keidanren's (the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations') "Delivery of Relief Supplies": (Japanese).