Japan's Government Doesn't Lie

March 19, 2011 11:36 AM

Part of my interview with CNN was uploaded on the website below:


The interview was shot on the outside staircase of the CNN studio in Toranomon because the interviewer said the scenery looked more "Japanese" that way. I wore coat while waiting for the studio in the US to call on me.

Afterwards, I had another interview with CNN International. Foreign medias such as CNN, BBC, ABC, etc., were all desperate to know why the Japanese government delayed the disclosure of information, if the information was even credible, and whether the officials were still hiding intel.

Since the earthquake, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (LDP) headquarters have requested that the Prime Minister begin a real-time disclosure of radiation information. However the request has not been met for the reason that the official residence website cannot deal with high levels of access.

I had to cancel all my weekend plans to work at the LDP's Headquarters in Tokyo. Foreign media has been constantly contacting me to scheduling interviews, presumably to inquire about the flood of information on WikiLeaks.

My interview with the French newspaper, Le Monde was conducted over the phone. When I asked where the reporter was, the interviewer told me that he had left south for Kyoto. When I informed him that Tokyo was no longer dangerous, he ironically replied that he knew this and that he wanted to return soon.

In the morning I found an article in the New York Times mistakenly claiming that the Japanese Red Cross and the Consulate General had rejected monetary donations. I immediately asked the government's international press secretary to contact the New York Times, who then corrected the web article later on.