A coup in the Budget Committee

March 3, 2010 12:00 AM

AOKI Mikio, don of the LDP Upper House Members, and his followers have sidelined MASUZOE Yoichi, the ranking member of the Upper House Budget Committee, and KAWAGUCHI Yoriko, number 2 in the Budget Committee. Usually, the Budget Committee kicks off with the questions from the ranking member and the number 2, but the leadership of the LDP Upper House, which is under strong influence of Aoki, decided against letting Masuzoe and Kawaguchi ask questions on the first two days of the Committee. The first two days of the Committee are attended by PM and are covered by NHK nationally.
I have voiced against the Party nominating Aoki in the Upper House election this summer. He is the typical old style LDP politician whom LDP needs to get rid of in order to revive the Party. Hatoyama and DPJ are crumbling, but LDP needs to change drastically to win back the support from the public. Those senior politicians who put their interest before the country and the Party need to go away.
Will Masuzoe resign or will he swallow his pride?