Two new plans

February 16, 2010 12:00 AM

Mr.SHIMOJI Mikio,MP of Kokumin Shinto has proposed two new Futenma Relocation Plans: the Kadena Integration Plan and the Camp Schwab Land Plan. Either plan is realistic and well thought. However, either needs another round of EIA, which will take some time. I suspect that SHIMOJI had talked with the Chief Cabinet Secretary in advance, and even with the US. The Socialists are now just another liability to the Coalition. DPJ will let the noisy Socialist leader walk away from the Government in May by relocating the Futenma Air Base somewhere in Okinawa. Then, the Socialists will split up and TSUJIMOTO Kiyomi, Senior Vice Minister of Transportation and some others may join DPJ. Ozawa does not need them, but if some Socialist Upper House members come out with them, that is what he is hoping.