The future of the Socialists

February 1, 2010 12:00 AM

Socialist leader & cabinet minister FUKUSHIMA Mizuho has been playing more role of the party leader than a cabinet minister. We all know that the Socialist has been opposed to moving the Futenma Base to Camp Schwab, but the options left for the Hatoyama Government are not many. Fukushima has been steadily raising the hurdle for the party. The Socialist will face a big decision in May when Hatoyama announces the new site, which is either Camp Schwab or Kadena Air Base. If the Socialist cannot swallow it, the party may split into two, those die-hards with Fukushima and the realists like senior vice minister TSUJIMOTO Kiyomi and former Party Policy Committee Chairman ABE Tomoko. The Election of the other house in this summer will be the death blow for the party.