Second thought

February 7, 2010 12:00 AM

The ships of the Naval SDF which had been to the Indian Ocean operation came back to Japan. The Government did not value their activities and terminated the operation. Instead, the Government will increase the aid to Afghanistan. The notorious check-book diplomacy has come back.
The new mayor of Nago, where Camp Schwab is, in his interview with the Asahi Shinbun, expressed his staunch opposition to the relocation. Foggy Bottom has repeatedly told us that Camp Schwab is the only option they accept. The mayor indicated that he would resign if the Government decides to move the base to Camp Schwab. If the mayor resigns, the people of Nago will elect him again. Then what does the Government do?
I have always thought Okada, Foreign Minister, can handle these issues much better. But now, I am wondering if I have been wrong.