Another party with money of the Hatoyamas?

February 16, 2010 12:00 AM

Several journalists called me yesterday asking if I would leave the Party with MASUZOE Yoichi of the Upper House. I flatly said NO. They were suspecting that MASUZOE would leave the Party with HATOYAMA Kunio, the Brother, who would finance the new party. They were said to join Your Party of Watanabe Yoshimi. The rating of DPJ and Hatoyama, the Elder, has plummeted, but LDP rating is still flat. If you watch TV, you see old LDP members asking questions, and the questions are mostly not about the economy but scandals of Hatoyama and Ozawa. Tanigaki should have the younger ones debating about the economy and social security. LDP Upper House leadership is still not letting those who supported me in the leadership election stand and ask questions in the Budget Committee. They are now more Aoky than Aoki himself.