J Power

April 28, 2008 12:00 AM

METI is trying hard to block the TCI bid to buy into J-Power. J-Power is trying to build a nuclear power plant in Oma, Aomori. The Oma Power Plant is designed to burn plutonium mixed with uranium. It is the key facility for the pseudo-nuclear fuel cycle which METI is trying so hard. The real nuclear fuel cycle is to burn plutonium in a fast breeder reactor (FBR), but an FBR for commercial use will not be completed for another half century! METI has been re-writing the history, and METI now says the nuclear fuel cycle is to burn plutonium in a regular nuclear power plant with uranium; a METI speak.

PM went to Davos in January and said our economy was wide open. The bureaucrats, who want to protect their interest, i.e. the places for their amakudari, positions in the private sector which they take up when they retire from the ministry, do not care what PM says. They are skewing the policies. And the Ministers are not able to control them. PM should fire those Ministers who do not know what they are doing. There are too many stupid Ministers in the Cabinet.