Toyota's hidden risk

March 27, 2008 12:00 AM

Breakfast with the Director General of the International Organization on Migration. He was telling us that he was shocked at the symposium on integration of the Japanese-Brazilians working in Japan into the Japanese Society held in Shizuoka. He heard stories of young Japanese-Brazilian children under 15 years old, who had dropped out of the Japanese public junior high schools. Those who have dropped out of schools and have nothing else to do in Japan often go to the manufacturing plants with their parents who work on the lines, and work with their parents. It is a kind of child labor! There are many automobile parts suppliers in Shizuoka who supply parts to Toyota, Suzuki and other big companies. Those big names could be accused if one of their suppliers is caught using those young Brazilian kids under 15 years old. It could be a big reputation risk for them.