Party Convention

January 17, 2007 12:00 AM

LDP held the Party Convention in Tokyo. I did not attend because it is always so boring! The LDP Convention does not allow discussions. You cannot even ask questions about the Party policy or the direction of the Party. You have to sit in the hall for about two, three hours and listen to the speeches of PM and the Secretary General of the Party and other guests. Just a ceremony. The leadership is so afraid of people asking questions or speaking up. Some years ago, then the Secretary General, NONAKA Hiromu, said at the opening of the Convention, if anyone wants to speak today, you should have asked to do so by yesterday. We did not know that rule until the very moment.

If the LDP wants to become a modern political party, the Party members should hold a several-day convention to talk about everything from the vision to the policy of the Party.??