Parliament begins

January 30, 2007 12:00 AM

The 166th Parliament has begun. On the first day of the Parliament MPs report to the Main House Entrance and present their business card to show that he/she has followed the order of the Emperor to come to the Parliament.

The Emperor came on Friday to officially open the session in the morning. The PM delivered his first policy statement in the afternoon. On Monday the Question to the PM Statement began.

I have to stay in the hospital to have the fifth-year check-up of my liver. Come April 16 it will be five years since the liver transplant. The recipient, my father and the Speaker, has survived those five years well.

The Health Minister said in a conference that a woman is a machine to have babies. The Opposition now declared that they would not come to the Budget Committee unless the Health Minister, YANAGISAWA Hakuo, resigns. If the Opposition does not really show up to the Committee, that will be the first round of this rocky session.??