Speech by the Prime Minister of India

December 11, 2006 12:00 AM

Today at the House Floor, the Prime Minister of India will deliver a speech.

These days it is becoming a habit for those who are state-visiting Japan to have an official speech in the Parliament. Last month the Prime Minister of Vietnam delivered a speech in the other House. Two Houses alternately host the state-visitor, so it is our House turn.

Well, no offense to the Indian PM, but if I could have voted on whether the House should host the Indian PM for an official speech, I would have voted against it.

Japan is the only victim of the nuclear weapons; and we keep talking about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But what have we done?

India is not a NPT member. And I strongly oppose for the House to host the leader of a non-NPT state for the official Parliamentary speech. We should limit the privilege to the NPT member states only.

I also believe that we should not give foreign aid to non-NPT countries. Japan cut the aid to India and Pakistan soon after they tested nukes, but re-started the aid very soon.

Japan introduces a UN resolution on nuclear weapons every year, but it is just talking.

Well, the former PM KOIZUMI has not been even talking about the nuclear disarmament. PM has mentioned non-proliferation, but not nuclear disarmament. Do we really need to brown nose the US that much?

Let us do something about the nuclear weapons.